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The Important Of Muscle Recovery, With Koa Recovery

Koa Recovery is the wellness centre to beat all wellness centres, it’s goal is to be your one-stop-shop for exercise recovery and injury management and at Fluidform we are huge fans. 

We sat down with friend, Fluidform client, and Koa Recovery founder Shaun to talk about the importance of recovery therapies – like cryotherapy and infrared saunas – and why everyone needs to head to Koa Recovery immediately.

Q: Can you tell us a little about why you started Koa Recovery?

Shaun: Koa Recovery was built out of a very personal experience following an injury. I have always been a very active person and always very competitive – playing first grade league as well as dabbling in a few other things like wakeboarding, Crossfit and running. I suffered a back injury which put me on the sideline from sport and life in general. I had no outlet and fell into a state of depression. Up until that point, I knew recovery was important but had no idea it was about more than the occasional rest day.

After struggling to find answers and trying lots of therapies, I did a lot of research to try and learn all I could about recovery and rehabilitation. When traveling in America I found these awesome recovery facilities and started using the services we now have at Koa Recovery. My pain improved. I felt more relaxed, flexible, energised and had less pain – I started to feel like my normal self again.

So here I am in my habitat and loving every minute of helping people recover prevent them from being in the situation I was in.

Q: You know that my favourite recovery is cryotherapy followed by a stint in the infrared sauna. What is your favourite and why?

Shaun: Have to say cryo, float combo. The cryo makes me feel young again. With my back I really feel like I couldn’t live without the cryo and jumping into the pod afterward is sensational. It helps me catch up on sleep from a busy lifestyle of running a business with two young kids.

Q: Which therapy is best for general muscle recovery?

Shaun: That’s so hard to say because everybody is different and responds differently. If I had to pick for instant results: cryo, float and boots combo or the cryo and infrared sauna combo.

Q: Most of my clients visit the studio two-four times a week. In terms of recovery sessions, what frequency do you recommend as being ideal?

Shaun: That too depends on a few factors like what their lifestyle is like outside of the studio. Once a week is suffice for most, however, for the treatments we offer, the effects are cumulative.

Q: What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about recovery therapies?

Shaun: That it’s just not for athletes! Recovery is for everybody. It’s not about recovering from a game, an injury or recharging after a Pilates class. Recovery is prevention. It’s enabling our body to be as efficient as it can be at healing itself and getting the most out of it. We need to treat our body like we would our car. You don’t service it when it breaks down, you do it regularly to keep it running efficiently and prevent burnout. Burnout in this day and age is a crazy reality for most with the amount of technology and pressures we are all faced with. It’s a common reality that we can manage.