The Pilates teacher who can tell if you've had a baby just by looking at you

November 2021

If you've recently had a baby, Kirsten King wants you to stop worrying about weight loss and look instead to your posture - first and foremost.

The Sydney-Based Studios We'll Be Visiting Now That Gyms Are Open

October 2021

Founder Kirsten King - who counts Georgia Fowler, Pip Edwards and Nicole Warne as clients - has a love of Pilates that is contagious (and you’ll feel amazing after just one class).

Fluidform's mini barre workout is perfect for those days where you don't feel like doing cardio

Sep 2021

Merging cardiovascular activity with strengthening and conditioning is something the team at Fluidform understand innately.

Kickstart your morning with these eight Fluidform moves

October 2021

Boost your physical and mental wellbeing with Fluidform, all from the comfort of your own home.

The future of online fitness when gyms and studios reopen

October 2021

“People have experienced the convenience and effectiveness of online fitness – I have no doubt this will continue to grow post-lockdown"

Work your core at home with these excellent online Pilates classes

August 2021

Fluidform was founded in Australia by Kirsten King and now has a huge following across its three studios for its adaptive, specialised approach.

Mum-of-two, 24, shows off her amazing body transformation after just six weeks.

September 2021

The program is based on online Pilates tutorials that last between 20 and 35 minutes, and can be done at your convenience through the Fluidform website.

The online movement classes we’re worshipping right now

August 2021

Surry Hills, Clovelly and Byron Fluidform is a specialised ‘movement method’ created by Kirsten King.

Introducing ‘RUSSH’ x Fluidform at home workout series: How to reduce stress through movement

August 2021

There's no doubt that we're all holding a little more stress in the body than usual right about now.


August 2021

I am all about starting the day with my Fluidform Pilates – even though I desperately want to stay in bed.

Allbirds first activewear collection is made without polyester

August 2021

Allbirds have teamed up with Fluidform pilates studio to bring you an exclusive workout.

How actor Pia Whitesell turns her beauty routine into a wellbeing ritual

August 2021

Favourite exercise routine I practise Fluidform Pilates

Editor’s Picks: The Best Things to Do (at Home) in Sydney in August

August 2021

My pick is Fluidform’s Pilates classes – there are hundreds of videos to stream at your own leisure – and even the short ones (around 10 minutes) will have you sore the next day. I admit it, I’m a Pilates convert.

Fun, Feel-Good Workouts Worth Trying

August 2021

Those quickie abs and arms series are just right for squeezing in between meetings.

The 15 best online workouts, according to the Vogue team

July 2021

I have fallen in love with Fluidform Pilates which has an amazing at-home workout program aptly titled Fluidform At Home.

Lara Bingle reveals the workout routine she follows to maintain her model physique during lockdown

July 2021

"I have worked out a way to implement exercise into my daily routine by streaming workouts from Fluidform Pilates, which I highly recommend"

The Fluidform Pilates Founder On Empathy And Learning To Pivot

July 2021

Today's guest, Kirsten King, is one of the most trusted and respected pilates experts in Australia.

Beat the Winter Blues and Go in the Running to Win a Huge Prize With Fluidform’s 6-Week Challenge

July 2021

To help with your lack of get-up-and-go, Fluidform Pilates has created a six-week challenge to encourage you to get moving thanks to the inclusion of an epic prize.

This Is The Exact Home Fitness Program Lara Worthington Uses

July 2021

"I have worked out a way to implement exercise into my daily routine by streaming workouts from Fluidform Pilates, which I highly recommend."

Lara Worthington shares her wellness journey

July 2021

I stream workouts from Fluidform Pilates, which I highly recommend.

I Can’t Isolate Without: Fluidform at Home’s Online Pilates Classes

July 2021

Like this lockdown, one Broadsheet editor is stretching out – but in an entirely different way.

Fluidform Pilates // Kirsten King

July 2021

Australia based Fluidform is led by the glowiest, most inspiring founder and principal instructor Kirsten King, a passionate advocate for the functional and aesthetic benefits that Pilates can bring to the human form.

This 15 Minute Workout Will Make You Feel Strong And Confident

July 2021

Let Fluidform Pilates founder Kirsten King whip you into shape

13 Online Fitness Classes To Try Out Now That Gladys Says Your Outdoor Boot Camp Is Illegal

July 2021

I’ve been a Fluidform At Home fan for a year now – owner Kirsten King leads the online workouts, and you’ll love AND hate her as she destroys your body in the best way, while smiling through the workouts herself.

The Best Workout Wear (According To The Experts)

June 2021

We’ve already rounded up some of the best new workout classes in London (and outlined some great online options to try if you’re not based in the city).

‘It doesn’t become about you any more’: Lara Worthington’s next act

May 2021

I do Fluidform Pilates, which I love. I go early, while everyone is still asleep, then come back and do all the school stuff for the boys.


May 2021

The Prae team have tried just about every workout and every studio you could think of, but one that we keep coming back to is Fluidform.

How Lara Worthington got her best body ever!

May 2021

Part of that change may have been in finding an exercise regimen she truly loves, with Worthington crediting Pilates for her incredibly toned look of late.

Lara Worthington on her favourite beauty products

March 2021

I like a combination of things; now that I am in Sydney, I do Pilates at Fluidform with Kirsten King three to four times a week.

Want abs like Pip Edwards?

March 2021

The 40-year-old mother and P.E Nation co-founder says she owes her abs to Sydney-based Pilates guru Kirsten King from Fluidform.

Fluidform's Kirsten King on using Pilates to perfect your posture and boost your confidence

February 2021

Pilates guru and founder of Sydney's Fluidform studio Kirsten King shares four moves for perfecting your posture and boosting your confidence.

Cult Sydney Pilates studio leads post-virus boom

February 2021

It has just 15,000 subscribers, no app and two physical studios, but cult favourite boutique gym Fluidform Pilates is about to launch its first franchised studio in very on-trend Byron Bay, as the online fitness boom moves back towards physical studio workouts.


February 2021

If you’ve always wanted to give pilates a go, this is the perfect platform for you.

The A-List: What To Do At Home This Week

January 2021

Australian pilates guru and founder of cult fitness concept Fluidform Kirsten King has created a 10-minute targeted workout for V.F. readers to help ease tightness in the neck and shoulders and realign the spine.

Beauty Guru Neada Deters Shares Her Holistic Approach To Self-Care

January 2021

I have tried so many different workouts during lockdown, but only a few have stuck: Fluidform Pilates, Sky Ting Yoga, running intervals with my dog, and dancing in my kitchen.

ROAD TEST: The celeb-approved Pilates program that actually made me want to work out.

January 2021

I jumped at the chance as it promised an in-studio experience without leaving the house.

‘My life-changing lockdown habits helped me lose 37kg’

December 2020

“As gyms were closed, I went to online options and found FluidForm Pilates,” she says.

If you're obsessed with Pilates, you need to add THIS to your training schedule

November 2020

Sydney's cult Pilates studio Fluidform adds an unexpected alternative to their online offering, partnering with Zach Vickers of Transpose Fitness to create a bespoke range of boxing workouts.

Fake Melania 2.0

November 2020

Mia wants you to try Fluid Form Pilates

Pia Miller on being an imperfect working mum, 'sageing' and how Pilates keeps her fit

November 2020

I work with Fluidform [Pilates] and have been doing it at home now for some time. [Kirsten King’s] whole philosophy as a Pilates teacher is about poise and lengthening.

Do not underestimate the power of Pilates to transform your body shape

November 2020

If you’re looking for a workout that challenges you and offers complete body transformation while being gentle on the joints, Pilates might be just what the doctor ordered.

The form-correcting techniques this Pilates instructor swears by for killer abs

November 2020

Founder of Fluidform Pilates, Kirsten King reveals what you could be doing wrong when it comes to your abdominal workouts, and shares her best form-correcting techniques.

These gluten free pancakes are a weekend dream

October 2020

This gluten free pancake recipe developed by Fluid Form Pilates with Nutritionist Jo Kate Whitehead is fluffy, light and non-cardboard-y.

A recipe for spring salmon and lemon potato salad

October 2020

Salmon and lemon potato salad from the Fluiform Pilates October Meal Plan developed with nutritionist, Jo Kate Whitehead.

The personal trainers getting Sydney A-listers red carpet-ready

October 2020

Offering less high intensity but more flexibility is pilates guru and trainer Kirsten King who has models, fashion designers and entire sporting teams train at her Surry Hills and Clovelly Fluidform studios.

Fluidform Pilates Founder Kirsten King on How to Stay Engaged With Exercise At Home

September 2020

Kirsten King is the founder and principal instructor of Fluidform Pilates — a series of Pilates studios located in Surry Hills and Clovelly as well as an at-home program.

12 Of The Best Home Workouts To Stream Right Now

April 2020

Celebrity teacher Kirsten King’s at-home program is based on targeted, pre-recorded workouts that you’re sure to feel the next day.

The Celebrity Approved Pilates Class Getting Me Through Self-Isolation

March 2020

It's tough enough for you to break a sweat, but easy enough that you can follow along at home.

'I Tried The Workout The Celebrities Are Obsessed With'

August 2020

And then I met Kirsten King from Fluidform Pilates, and everything changed (she writes after one class).

Introducing the 'Isometric Hold' by Kirsten King

April 2020

The 'life changing' fitness trick that will transform your body in isolation WITHOUT any equipment

Hands Up If You’ve Developed A Weird Emotional Connection With Your Online Fitness Trainer

April 2020

Kirsten is like, the sunshiniest ray of sunshine ever.

Vogue’s ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide in the time of Covid-19

April 2020

Fluidform Pilates at home, $40 per month

How To Stay Fit When You’re Self-Isolating

March 2020

Designed by Pilates guru Kirsten King whose clients include well known faces such as Pip Edwards and Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler, Fluidform at Home is a video-led subscription where you get access to King’s unique Pilates programme from home.

The Celebrity Approved Pilates Class Getting Me Through Self-Isolation

March 2020

A mix of total body workouts and targeted mini blasts, Kirsten adheres to a specific style of teaching that makes Pilates a full body workout, creating long, lean muscles with strength and flexibility.

Your at-home Pilates workout, courtesy of Fluidform Pilates’s Kirsten King

March 2020

When circumstances like those we’re currently living through dictate that going out to your favourite exercise class is no longer possible, it’s not the end of your fitness story.

8 of the best online workouts to get your sweat on at home

February 2020

Kirsten King is the doyenne of Sydney's Pilates-obsessed set whose one-on-one sessions have become hot property - but by joining this online portal you get the maestro on tap.

8 surprising exercise truths that will convince you to start Pilates this year

January 2020

Founder of Fluidform Pilates Kirsten King sets the record straight on common myths that may have put you off Pilates in the past.

Transform your body at HOME in four weeks

August 2019

Celebrity trainer reveals how you can do her famous workouts in the living room - and all you need is 20 minutes per day

The quick at-home workout that promises flat abs

August 2019

Kirsten King, owner of Fluidform Pilates and creator of the must-try at-home program Fluidform at Home, is the master at programming exercises that are short, sharp and successful at targeting the areas that are often hard to tone

How Pilates Can Transform Your Body And Mind

July 2019

Kirsten King is to pilates what Oprah is to motivational speeches; she’s the person.


July 2019

Celebrity Pilates instructor Kirsten King launches Fluidform At Home. Did someone say abs?

I’ve Finally Found An At-Home Workout That I Actually Do Regularly, Instead Of Never

July 2019

I got in touch with Fluidform Pilates when I heard they had begun an at-home version of their famous classes.

Shoulder it: why working out your upper body is a must

July 2019

The key to long, toned limbs, she says, starts first with strengthening through the upper back and shoulders, which has a knock-on effect throughout the rest of the body.