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Welcome To 'Ask Kee'

1. Do you have any plans for Pilates training? 

I am definitely looking into Pilates teacher training. I absolutely love teaching and would love to share my knowledge with more people. Stay tuned.


2. Can you recommend any anatomy resources?

Pilates Anatomy Paperback (2011) by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger

Anatomy Flashcards by Bryan Edwards Publishing

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies 

Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel


3. I’m wanting to get into Pilates post injury – where do I start?

This really depends on your injury. If you send me an email at I can put together a personalised program for you based on your injury and current level. 


4. Top tips and cues for engagement and maintaining a stable posture?

Listen to my cues during the workouts – I am always adding in tips for your posture and how to best engage each area of the body the movement is targetting. Slow down your movements and move with purpose.


5. Top self talk tips to get moving?

Think of that post-workout feeling you get. It’s a rush that makes you feel alive and accomplished. Remember both the physical and mental benefits from daily movement. Create a routine for yourself, the more you practice the more addictive it becomes.


6. What is the best way to activate my glutes rather than overworking my quads?

The best way to activate your glutes over your quads is to start by working on the relationship between your glutes and quads and then balance this relationship. 

If you are quad dominant – ensure you are stretching your quads daily. You should always start with a glute workout before a quad or leg workout to make sure that the glute is awake and active. Isometrics holds are another great way to activate the glute. Working in a neutral spine will also ensure that the glute is active and working.


7. How do I ‘roll up’ from lying flat?

If you’re struggling to roll up from lying flat, this usually means either your abs are not yet strong enough, your back chain is too tight or your hips flexors are too tight.

In each of these cases you will need to modify the exercise so that you can properly achieve it and your body can feel it, build strength and work your way up to completely a roll up.

Here are a few things to try when doing a roll up:

– Use your Pilates ball in between your shoulders or at the base of your shoulders.

– Place a pillow under your head to start, to stop your neck recruiting.

– Start will ‘roll backs’ (with bent legs) to build up strength in your core.


8. How do I fix a one sided weakness as a result of injury? Do I double up on the weak side or will this stress the area? (hip/glute related injury)

Yes – double up on the weak side to build strength more rapidly on this side to catch up to your strong side. Always start with the weak side. 


9. What does the perfect plank look like?

Hands under shoulders with fingers wide spread.

Legs hips distance apart with the 10 toes connected to the floor.

Hips at shoulder height.

Spine in neutral.

Love, Kee xx