The Benefits Of Reformer Pilates

What most people don’t realise is that Reformer Pilates was created to build strength and flexibility in your body so that you can successfully complete the Mat Pilates repertoire.

The Reformer machine was designed to help assist your body to get into positions and perform exercises that it wouldn’t be able to without the use of springs and straps that the Reformer provide.

Essentially it teaches your body and allows you to feel movement in a new way.

The benefit of moving with assistance is that you are able to activate muscles in a way that you couldn’t before. This new freedom of movement creates tone, strength and flexibility within your body. The end result being a totally transformed and aligned body and mind.

This is also particularly beneficial for people recovering from injury or beginners because the reformer is a helping hand to build confidence in your body.

Finally the ability to adjust springs as your body improves and builds strength and flexibility (sometimes lighter, sometimes heavier – it depends on the objective of the movement)  allows you to continue to challenge your body. As I like to say, “Pilates never gets easier, you just get better”.

Key Benefits that everyone who starts Pilates will experience:

* New Muscle Discovery

* Increased Strength

* Increased Tone

* Increased Flexibility

* Deeper Core Connection

* All over Tone

* Postural Correction

* Overall Alignment