New To Pilates? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Pilates is a method of movement that has been designed to realign the body allowing balance, tone, and coordination.

Many people start Pilates due to an injury or a pre-existing postural issue. This journey is usually slow and steady and progresses as their body allows.

Pilates can be beneficial for anyone no matter their ability or need.

For those people who are looking to strengthen their core or start moving for the first time in a long time, Pilates is a great place to start. As a Beginner the Pilates method allows exercises to be progressed (made harder) and regressed (made easier) depending on the needs of the client.

Another really important part of Pilates for a Beginner and everyone actually is the Instructor.

A good instructor will be able to read a client’s body and its imbalances. The program that the Instructor creates should be specific to the individual’s needs and physical ability so that you are able to enjoy Pilates no matter what their level of fitness, flexibility, pelvic stability, or coordination they may have.

Pilates is a practice that never really gets easier, as you become stronger and more familiar with the method of movement the exercises evolve and get stronger and harder also. This is why so many people fall in love with Pilates and it becomes their exercise of choice. The journey from a Beginner to an Advanced practitioner is a very rewarding and enjoyable one.

Pilates becomes a lifestyle choice and something people can not live without.

Whether you are a beginner, chronically injured, or a professional athlete, Pilates will without a shadow of a doubt have a life-changing impact on your physical and mental strength.