How To Improve Your Posture

For the majority, spending most of the day sitting in front of a computer screen is a reality. It’s 2019, there’s not much we can do without being slumped at a desk or looking down at our phones (the irony that you’re reading this on a screen is not lost on us), but one of the biggest consequences of modern day life is one that you might not give too much thought to — we’re talking bad posture. While we can’t all quit our jobs and throw away our phones, there’s a simple way to improve your posture.

Enter: Pilates.
Ask anyone who comes into the Fluidform studios, follows us on Instagram, slides into our DMs, or has joined our FFAH-dedicated Facebook groups, we are flat-out obsessed with Pilates. Not just because it’s so amazing for injury rehab, increasing fitness levels, toning up and creating a longer, leaner physique — not to mention the endless benefits for women pre- and post-natal —it’s also bloody amazing for your posture. And when your spine is happy the flow-on effects are huge.

Good posture is when your muscles and bones are in a state of balance, they’re working together to protect your body from injury and the effects of ageing. Someone with a good posture rarely suffers from muscular or skeletal pain. For someone with bad posture, often, their body is inefficiently working, misusing joints, muscles and ligaments to do simple tasks, like walking, lifting, sitting and as a result will find that back, neck and/or joint pain is felt more frequently.

In Pilates, a postural assessment is the first point of call. By checking the condition of your spine through visual assessment, a qualified, expert instructor (like the ones you’ll find at Fluidform studios) can determine the best exercises based on your posture type — it’s what makes Pilates the superior workout. By working to realign your spine and focus on retraining your mind and body to engage in correct muscle patterns, you’ll be on your way to a better posture, a stronger, healthier body and a pain-free life.

You’re never too young or old to work on your posture through Pilates — that’s the beauty of it. By doing Pilates on the regular you can work to protect your posture from any changes that might be felt as a result of pregnancy, ageing, illness, even a change in career or your daily routine (are you stuck in a car all day or on your feet in uncomfortable shoes?) can have a massive impact on the health of your spine.

A dodgy posture can result in muscle imbalances, impact to your breathing and blood circulation (hello to the flow on effect of a hunched posture), mood slumps and a sluggish digestive system. All the things you don’t want when trying to live your best life.

Add Pilates into the mix, improve your posture, get stronger, stand taller, live longer and keep your day job. It’s simple really.