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Here Is Your Guide To Staying Motivated

Motivation is great to have and also very hard to keep, especially when it comes to exercising.

But your struggle with motivation isn’t yours alone, everyone — at some point — has struggled, or is currently struggling with, staying on the right track. Just like our moods peak and trough motivation to get sweaty on the regular goes along for the bumpy ride and it’s not one that’s easy to regulate. Trust. Us. But we’re not here to dwell on why humans aren’t programmed to be motivated 24/7 (because complaining isn’t our thing), instead we’re all about getting on with it and there are certain tricks to try to get your exercise mojo back.

Remember why you started.

Whether it’s Fluidform at Home or studio Pilates classes, you signed up for a reason – even if on a whim, you signed up. When all is lost, think back to that moment and the reason you started. Was it to get more flexible? Fix a sore back? Get toned? Realign after injury? Squeeze in some all-important ‘me time’? Find some post-natal normalcy? Whatever you MO, keep it front of mind, write it down, memorise it and recite it if you need. Don’t disappoint past you, because we can guarantee future you is hoping in this moment you keep going.

Break the goal down.

Maybe your goal in the beginning was too ambitious, we’re not saying don’t be ambitious — not at all — we’re suggesting that a goal that doesn’t compliment your life before you started on your Pilates journey might be the catalyst for your sudden lack of motivation.

Hear us out…

If you started with a goal to transform your body shape by going to Pilates five times a week, but the reality is you work crazy hours and between looking after your kids and the little sleep you get most nights you can’t physically make it to the 5-weekly sessions you planned for yourself, maybe this is why your motivation is lacking. This is an example of a goal that isn’t realistic — aka motivation’s kryptonite — and from the get-go, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Instead, take your goal and split it. Break it down into mini-goals, that will get you to your ultimate goal stress-free. In this particular case, try to make it to at least three sessions a week, as opposed to the overly ambitious five. Try that for a couple of weeks then bump it up to four (your next mini-goal), then eventually, with a bit of re-arranging of your weekly schedule you might find time for a fifth session and just like that you’re on your way to achieving your goal without losing motivation.

Buddy up.

Find yourself a friend who is willing to help you on your journey. Best friend, partner, someone you’ve met through the Fluidform at Home community — anyone — task that person with keeping you accountable and the beauty of the buddy system is you can help them reach their goals too.

Do something every day.

Even in the depths of your struggle to feel motivated, it’s important to continue. While you might not feel up to doing a complete workout, force yourself to do something active in that time you’d usually be working out. Whether it’s going for a light walk, doing only 10 minutes of your FFAH program, or taking a moment to sit and take deep breaths to calm your mind, continue to block out the time you once had scheduled for your exercise for you. Eventually you’ll find the drive to do a little bit more, then more again and before you know it you’ll be back at it. Slumps are normal, but how long they last is all in your control.

Treat Yo’self.

When you push through a challenging workout you never thought you could or you made it through all your weekly sessions for the first time in forever, know that this is a huge achievement and rewarding yourself is key to helping you stick with it. Too often we’re unfairly punishing ourselves for skipping workouts or bad eating habits that we forget to treat ourselves when we actually do something good. Whatever brings you joy (is it taking time to see a movie, buying some new Lululemon tights or treating yourself to a morning sleep-in?) do it and make sure you enjoy it because you’re bloody amazing!