Postnatal Note 25

Hope you and your little one are doing well.

It is important to take things slowly when rebuilding your abdominal connection, so I have included postnatal workouts on days where you are training abdominals. This is deliberate so that you rebuild your strength slowly and safely. All other days are at an intermediate intensity level (i.e., arms, glutes, and legs).

The key here is to really focus on the breathing to rebuild your strength, practise it and make sure you are mastering the connection.

Here are my tips on breathing:

  1. Place your hands onto the sides of your ribcage
  2. Inhale – Breathe back and up into your ribcage – your ribcage should expand wider
  3. Exhale – Draw the ribcage back together and deepen down through the abdominals

This type of breathing means you breathe up and down rather than the belly going in and out.

Make sure you listen to your body, if you need a rest day – take one. Or do a stretching workout – your body will thank you for it! Quick Stretch 2 and Mini Stretch 1 are perfect for you.