Advanced Note 17

Glute activation will help to stabilise the hips. When doing standing work such as squats or lunges it is important to ensure that the knee is tracking over the toes. Have a look at the positioning of the foot, there are three points of the foot: big toe / little toe / heel – there should be equal pressure through all three points. Then imagine there is a tissue underneath your foot and you are trying to pick it up off the floor, this will lift you through the arch and create a more stable base to then drive the power through your glutes. If you feel any pain or discomfort in your hips, bring your legs into a parallel hip width apart position, removing any external rotation of the legs. Keep your range small, check your form or stop immediately if you are unable to find a comfortable position.

The key to results and building strength is through your breathing and engaging your abdominals effectively. Here are my tips on breathing:

  1. Place your hands onto the sides of your ribcage
  2. Inhale – Breathe back and up into your ribcage – your ribcage should expand wider
  3. Exhale – Draw the ribcage back together and deepen down through the abdominals

This type of breathing means you breathe up and down rather than the belly going in and out.

Make sure you listen to your body, if you need a rest day – take one. Or do a stretching workout – your body will thank you for it!